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Lawn & Garden

Taking care of your yard with the right stuff!

   Consider True Value’s Lawn & Garden Shop your resource for information about Central Arizona’s special garden needs! Our knowledgeable salespeople know all about gardening in this dry, high-altitude, low-frost climate.

Water Savers

   We have the best selection of drip irrigation system supplies in town, and feature a commercial grade 1″ soaker hose that delivers 75 gallons per hour. You won’t find that anywhere else in the area!


   If you're a "Do It Yourself" type of person or need our help designing your drip system, you're in the right place! We have plenty of parts and accessories and this includes timers!

Pest Control

   Along with the Sonic Web Insect Control system, we have Shake Away and other pet-safe and child-safe insecticides and repellents: diatomaceous earth, milky spore powder, a range of organic products, and traditional insecticides. For those pesky javelinas and other garden intruders like cats, try Shake Away. To handle your gopher problem you could try Scoot Away. These natural animal repellents are made from the scent of predators, and the critters stay away!

Fire Breakers

Need some helpful tips for your next lawn and garden project? Visiting True Value's PROJECT LIBRARY has lots of tips for gardening, yard maintenance, seasonal maintenance and even safety tips for the kids!

   We have the tools you need to clear a safe space around your house. If a fire gets close to home, we’ve got a fire hose nozzle you can put on your standard hose that will give you up to 40 feet of strong jet spray.

Video Tips


Nick, with Prescott True Value, talks about the unique humming bird feeders they carry in store! Prescott True Vale...So Much More Than Just A Great Hardware Store!

Hummingbird Talk with Nick


 It’s easy to get a lush green lawn with the Scotts 4 Step® Program from True Value Hardware. Just follow the program with four applications of Scotts crabgrass preventer and lawn fertilizer, and you’ll say “This is a Scotts yard!”

How to Fertilize Your Lawn

with the Scotts 4 Step® Program